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BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Back row left to right - Bert Stiles, Fred Sadler, Robert Shaw, Ron Curtiss, Greg McCannel, Guy Rolison, Tom Brendgord, Front row left to right - Colleen Talbott, Shelly Ellis, Sandy True, Jane Crowder, Elaine Wilkinson, Carol Flammond, Robyn Barker, Laurel Walker, Jo Laughlin. Not pictured: Pam Brendgord
Note: The above mentioned picture and names reflect the original board members of the first-ever Montana USBC Board of Directors elected in March 2006. On April 20, 2008, a Board election will be held. After that election it is intended to update the names and pictures of the current board.
On March 25, 2006, delegates from all over Montana converged on Bozeman to meet at the Comfort Inn. Their purpose - to elect a board of directors for the newly merged Montana United States Bowling Congress association. Seventeen directors were chosen. Laurel Walker (Rudyard) was elected president, Bert Stiles (Broadview) was chosen 1st Vice President, and Guy Rolison (Laurel) was elected 2nd Vice President. Laurel and Guy will serve two-year terms and Bert a one-year term. The state was divided into four districts with two representatives chosen from each district. Chosen from District 1 (West) were Ron Curtiss (Libby) and Sandy True (Thompson Falls). District 2 (North) selections were Fred Sadler (Great Falls) and Carol Flammond (Cut Bank). Representing District 3 (South Central) were Bob Shaw & Elaine Wilkinson (both from Whitehall) and District 4 (Southeast) reps are Jo Laughlin (Lewistown) and Greg McCannel (Billings). Two at-large directors were elected - Robyn Barker (Missoula) and Tom Brendgord (Great Falls) and four youth directors followed consisting of Shelly Ellis (Missoula), Pam Brendgord (Gt. Falls), Colleen Talbott (Butte) and Jane Crowder (Billings). Ron, Fred, Bob, Jo, Robyn, Shelly and Colleen will all serve two-year terms with Sandy, Carol, Elaine, Greg, Tom, Pam and Jane serving one-year terms. Roz Gallup (Billings) was selected Association Manager on July 22, 2006. She has a one-year contract.
These are the people who will lead Montana bowling into the new era.

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